News and Updates

Hello PKC!

It’s been a long while since we have been able to be active and the time has finally come to get back to action. After closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation, PKC Directors have decided that it is now safe to get back to business. PKC tournaments will resume after June 15th!!! There will be some adjustments to our schedule, as we will have missed half of the Regional State Series (which runs January to December), and we will need to decide whether to have an abbreviated state series or an extended one. This decision will be based off the number of tournaments on the schedule for the remainder of the season. So please bear with us as we work to re-start PKC.

In regards to memberships, we have made some extensions. Starting March 1st of 2020, we have added 15 months to each membership. We wanted to make sure that competitors were not paying for a season that was not used. Please make note of the membership spreadsheet with your new expiration date. There are great things on the horizon and you don’t want to miss out on anymore!

As we rebuild Region 4 (Pennsylvania – New York – Ontario), Region 3 (Ohio) is graciously sharing points with us again so we can be assured to have multiples opportunities to earn not only national, but state points as well. So, lets make sure we all get out there and support!

Please also understand to make note of the guidelines and safety measures for each event. Even though tournaments are back, we still must make sure that we are doing our best to keep the competitors, judges, promoters and families safe and healthy. So please, please follow all guidelines as set out for the event.

Our first tournament back will be Summer Super Brawl V, so head on over to the tournament page and check out the flyer!!!